Shrinkage & Packaging Films

Stretch Film

  • All Sizes & Variants as per requirement

  • Thickness :- 12 mic to 60 mic.

  • Length :- As per requirement.

  • Width :- 75 mm to 1000 mm.

Stretch films are manufactured from virgin quality granules. Manual or Machine Grade , UV stabilised these films are used by industries for wrapping various materials to protect them from dust, moisture, scratch & other such damage. These films have inherent adhering qualities hence there is no risk of adhesive transfer. used wrapping for pallets, wooden boxes, movement of goods in/out of the production facility, Machines & accessories , coated products etc.


  • Seamless Finish

  • UV Resistant

  • High strength

  • excellent wrapping

Low density Shrink films is turning out to be a substitute for cartons, as these films ensure tight holding force for stacking the cans and bottles together. Manufactured transparent, or any colour as per requirement. Used to Pack Drinking Water, Beverages, Bottle Packaging, Foods & Canned Goods etc.